Instructions to Add an Event to the Production Instruction Community Calendar:

1. Click "Events" in the upper-right hand toolbar and go to "Add New Event"
2. Under the "Details" tab, add information regarding your event, including the Challenges/Response box.
 > Use "Category" to identify key characteristics about your event to help users narrow their selection to exactly what they're looking for.
3. "Participants" and "Reminders" are not available because this is a public calendar that does not require users to register.
4. Use "Repeats" to set additional occurances of your event.
> Hover the mouse near the field title in bold to make an arrow with question mark appear, followed shortly by a flyout box with details on the purpose of each field.
> Exceptions at the bottom of the "Repeats" page will add code-clutter to your page. Try to avoid these.
5. Save your event
6. On next screen, click link "" to return to main Calendar screen.
7. A notification that your event has been created will be sent to the admin account for approval, at which time it will appear on the calendar. If it has been more than 48 hours and your event has not appeared on the Calendar, please email

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